Twitch Audio Low? Here’s What to Do

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Twitch has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for streamers to broadcast their content. It is used by millions of people each day, who enjoy content focused on everything from gaming to live cooking lessons.

Why is Twitch audio so low?

When the audio from Twitch is too quiet, this is either caused by your settings or the streamer’s setup. If you’ve checked that the volume on your device is turned up, then the level of the stream you’re watching is too quiet, and you’ll need to let the streamer know.

There are other potential reasons that your Twitch audio may be playing at a low level, which thankfully are pretty easy to fix.

You may need to go into the Twitch audio settings to make the necessary adjustments, or the issue might be caused by the general settings on the device you’re using to enjoy content on Twitch.

In this guide, we’ll provide all of the information you need on this topic so that you can solve the problem.

How to Increase Twitch Audio Volume

When Twitch runs smoothly, it’s arguably the best live streaming platform available. Whether creating or consuming content, you can enjoy high-quality audio and video without needing to be a tech expert or have high-end equipment.

Twitch streaming has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Many content creators now make most of their income from building a following on the platform and monetizing their popularity through endorsements and donations from fans.

Although Twitch is usually very reliable, there are some occasions when users are faced with technical difficulties that can be very annoying. This could include the audio being too low when watching a specific stream.

If this happens to you, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. Firstly, apologies for stating the obvious, but you need to check the volume setting on the device you’re using to watch and listen to content on Twitch.

On a smartphone, hit the volume up button to see the current level and adjust accordingly. Likewise, check the audio settings on a computer to ensure you haven’t accidentally set them too low.

Once you’ve ruled out the low volume caused by your device’s settings, you now need to go into the settings on the Twitch app. Unfortunately, this is only possible on a computer or laptop – you can’t adjust the audio of a stream when using the Twitch mobile app.

If you’re using Twitch mobile, there’s no way to adjust the volume of the content other than changing the volume setting on your smartphone. This means that the problem is likely caused by something on the streamer’s end rather than your settings.

If the streamer has set their microphone level too low or their overall volume level too low, then this will mean that all the people watching them will be experiencing the same problem. You could also try asking a friend to check out the stream to see whether their volume is too low.

Alternatively, you could log onto your Twitch account on another device and see whether the specific content is still too quiet. If it is, you know that the issue is caused by the Twitch streamer’s setup or settings.

It is also worth checking whether the speakers or headphones you’re using are causing the volume to be too low. If you’re connected to a set of PC speakers, perhaps the volume setting is turned down on them, which would override the master volume of the PC.

Check out this YouTube Video that shows how to make any microphone sound better with Twitch.

How To Make Twitch Streams Louder on OBS

We’ve covered how Twitch users can increase the content volume, but what about the content creators? You can increase the audio level of your streams in several ways, and we’ll start by explaining how to do this if you use OBS.

OBS is one of the most popular software used for Twitch streaming. It’s free to use and very simple, making it a popular choice amongst Twitch streamers of all experience levels.

Increasing the volume of your Twitch streams when using OBS is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to open the OBS software and find the audio mixer section in the center of the screen, at the bottom.

You can then find the audio level settings and adjust them so that the various inputs and outputs are all set at the correct level. You can test your microphones and the audio output levels by looking at the visual meters to check that they’re not too quiet or that they’re not clipping due to too much gain being applied.

OBS includes a wide range of other valuable features that ensure your live streams’ dynamics are consistent when using Twitch. These include effects and filters, which can be found in the advanced audio settings.

It’s worth playing around with all of the tools that OBS offers to see whether they can improve the dynamics of your streams.

Experimenting for some time will allow you to learn how different features can positively impact your content.

How To Make Streams Louder on Streamlabs

If you prefer to use Stremlabs for your streams, you’ll need to follow a slightly different process to adjust the volume settings. You’ll find the audio mixer in the bottom right corner of the Streamlabs home page.

When you open up the Streamlabs audio mixer, you’ll be presented with the following adjustable sliders:

  • Desktop Audio – this adjusts the volume of the streamed content coming through your computer, laptop, or connected speakers
  • Mic/Aux – this controls the volume of any microphones that are connected to Streamlabls, or any devices connected using an axillary cable
  • Cam Link – this is used to adjust the volume of any audio from an HDMI-connected camera
  • Music – this allows you to set the levels of any music that you’ve integrated into your streams

You can also open the advanced audio settings on Streamlabs to access various adjustable parameters. It’s a good idea to play around with all the settings to see how they affect your streams’ dynamics and overall sound.

Specific microphones, speakers, or other devices may require different levels within the Streamlabs settings, so understanding what each option does will be helpful as you create or consume more content.

How to Improve Twitch Audio Quality

Whether you’re creating content on Twitch, or enjoying someone else’s content on the platform, there are many things you can do to improve the audio quality. Firstly, the most obvious thing you can do is upgrade your equipment.

Listening to Twitch streams through a cheap set of computer speakers isn’t get you the best audio quality. If you invest in a decent set of studio monitors, you’ll improve the sound quality instantly. 

Also, having a good set of headphones to listen to Twitch content will ensure you can enjoy high-quality audio even when you can’t hear it. There are many affordable headphones out there that provide a great sound.

If you want to improve the audio quality of your Twitch streams, then investing in a good microphone, like the Shure SM7B, is a wise move. Your microphone needs to capture the sound of your voice with clarity but also reject any noise coming from the other directions so that your viewers can hear your content.

You should also check that all the cables you use for streaming are in good condition to avoid interference or unwanted noise caused by things like faults in connectors.

Related Questions

Can you play music from Spotify on Twitch?

Streaming audio from the leading music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, is no longer possible. This is because Twitch isn’t licensed to stream music from these platforms.

Why is there no audio on my Twitch stream?

If you’re getting no audio whatsoever on your Twitch stream, then this is likely to be due to a problem with your audio driver. Updating the driver or changing it for a more capable option should solve the problem.

How do I test audio on Twitch?

To test your audio settings on Twitch, simply record a preview and then watch and listen to it to make sure everything is working correctly. Doing a test recording is advisable before you start any live stream, as it will ensure that you’ve got everything set up correctly.

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