AirPods: The Secret Behind Their Unmatched Popularity

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If you’ve walked down a busy high street recently, there’s a high chance you’ll have seen multitudes of people going about their business with small white devices sticking out of their ears. These devices are the globally popular AirPods by Apple.

Why are AirPods so popular?

AirPods are popular for many reasons. One main factor is that they are by far the most compatible earbuds for Apple devices like the iPhone – which is the world’s most popular smartphone. AirPods also look stylish and have been endorsed heavily by celebrities and influencers.

Indeed, it’s impossible to ignore the qualities that AirPods possess which have also contributed largely to their unprecedented popularity.

AirPods sound great compared to many other earbuds on the market, and they boast an impressive battery life. Also, Apple is one of the most highly respected tech brands in the world, so people automatically gravitate towards their products.

Why Are AirPods so Popular Amongst Teens?

Since the 1st generation AirPods were introduced to the masses in 2016, wireless earbuds have taken the world by storm. In 2020 alone it was reported that Apple sold over 100 million AirPods.

Amongst the largest demographics of AirPods users are teens. Like the iPhone and iPod before them, AirPods have a huge audience of young people, and there are many likely reasons for this.

First and foremost, teens tend to gravitate towards brands that are seen as “cool” or “in” at the time. Apple is arguably one of the best known brands on the planet, not just in the tech industry but across all industries, and therefore young people are likely to want their latest products.

Also, another potential reason for AirPods being so popular amongst teenagers is their convenient wireless design. Unlike the wired headphones that people have used in previous decades, AirPods are much more practical. The cables don’t hang down or need tucking into clothing.

This means that AirPods can be worn without interfering with a person’s choice of clothing. They’re less intrusive than wired headphones and this may explain why fashion-conscious teens may prefer them to other varieties.

A large part of AirPods’ popularity amongst teens must also be attributed to psychology. When a young person sees their peers wearing AirPods, they’ll naturally be curious about them. This will likely lead to them eventually trying out their friend’s AirPods, realizing their quality, and wanting to own some for themselves.

The more people that teens see in their school, college, sports team or any other group using AirPods, the more likely they are to want to acquire some so that they aren’t missing out.

This isn’t always the case, as some teenagers prefer to do the opposite of what the majority of people are doing. However, many will be influenced by others who use AirPods which will ultimately lead to more young people using them.

Check out this YouTube video for a complete user guide on Apple AirPods/

Are AirPods Considered Stylish?

AirPods are popular for a combination of reasons. Their compatibility with iPhones and other Apple products is definitely one of the reasons they have been such a success, as is their impressive sound quality. It also helps that they’re very comfortable and practically designed.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that many people choose AirPods over other earbuds or headphones because they look stylish. When they were first introduced, many people felt that AirPods looked strange due to their lack of wires and the way they poked out of the ears slightly.

Now that everyone has become accustomed to the unique design of AirPods, they’ve become a fashionable and stylish accessory for people to wear. Just take a look around next time you’re on a busy street, you’ll see people of all ages wearing their AirPods.

Fashion and styles change over time, so at some point, there will undoubtedly be another variation of earbuds or headphones that overtake AirPods, or maybe even a new design by Apple. For now, though, AirPods are certainly considered one of the most stylish earbuds on the market.

Why is Everyone Using AirPods?

AirPods seem to be everywhere you look at the moment. Oftentimes, you’ll see someone walking down the street looking as though they’re conversing with themselves, only to notice the thin white stems sticking out from inside their ears and realize they’re using their AirPods to make a call.

It’s quite remarkable to think that before 2016, AirPods didn’t exist. Now, we see hundreds of people wearing them each day. But why exactly are they so popular?

There are many reasons for AirPods’ popularity, but one of them is definitely the influence of celebrities and famous people. Many sports stars, musicians, actors or other celebrities are seen wearing AirPods, and this makes the general public want to go out and get a pair for themselves.

Apple has a reputation for being creative with its advertising and isn’t afraid to pay big money to influencers in order to market their products.

In addition to Apple’s marketing tactics, AirPods are worn by so many people simply because they are reliable. When you consider the cost, AirPods are up there with the best earbud devices on the market in terms of value for money.

Their seamless integration with Apple devices is another key reason that everyone seems to be using AirPods these days. Every iPhone, iPad, or Mac user can benefit from the various features and controls that are built into AirPods to make their devices more efficient. 

It’s also worth noting that AirPods boast a wide range of impressive capabilities that many earbuds don’t include. For example, the active noise cancelling feature is very impressive and allows you to block out background noise to focus on the audio being played through your AirPods.

Likewise, AirPods come with Spatial Audio which creates a more immersive listening experience, and you can enjoy Adaptive EQ to tailor the sound to suit your preferences.

In the table below, you can see a breakdown of the popular features and capabilities that make AirPods popular.

AirPods ModelBattery Life (Listening Time)Water ResistanceYear Released
AirPods 2nd Generation24 HoursN/A2019
AirPods 3rd Generation30 HoursIPX4 water and sweat resistance2021
AirPods Pro24 HoursIPX4 water and sweat resistance2019
AirPods Max24 HoursN/A2020

Do AirPods Work With Samsung?

It’s a common misconception that AirPods don’t work with Samsung smartphones or any Android devices for that matter. Indeed, you won’t get the same level of compatibility that you do when using AirPods with iPhone or other Apple devices, but AirPods still work well with Samsung devices.

  • Using AirPods with a Samsung device will allow you to listen to music, make voice calls, listen to podcasts or any other content, and make voice recordings. However, you won’t be able to access the Apple-exclusive features that AirPods offer iOS users.

This includes features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive EQ, Spatial Audio, and HD Facetime Calls. All of the basic features of AirPods will still work with a Samsung phone, though.

Even if you use another brand that is on the Android operating system, you’ll be pleased to know that AirPods will still work well with your device.

Best AirPods for Teens

The AirPods Pro, AirPods 2nd Generation, and AirPods 3rd Generation are three great choices for teens. These AirPods models each offer various advantages.

The AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd Generation are quite evenly matched in terms of their capabilities, so either of these models would be a good choice for a teenager who wants all of the latest features.

AirPods Max is also a good option for those who prefer over-ear headphones rather than earbuds. Due to their larger design, they’re less likely to get lost than earbud-style AirPods.

Related Questions

What’s the difference between Apple Airpods and EarPods?

There are many differences between Apple’s AirPods and their EarPods, but the most notable is that the former is wireless, and the latter has a cable. AirPods also boasts a wide range of additional features compared to the older EarPods.

Can you lose AirPods easily?

One of the only criticisms that people have of Apple’s AirPods is that they are very easy to lose, due to their compact size and lack of cables. However, if you keep them in the carry case, you should be able to avoid losing them.

How do you pair AirPods with non-iOS devices?

To pair AirPods with non-IOS devices, such as Android devices, you simply need to press the button on the front of the charging case with the AirPods inside. You can then find them in your device’s Bluetooth menu and pair them together.

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