Find The Perfect Charger For Your JBL Charge?

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JBL produces a wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers, and their products are amongst the best sellers on the market. One of their most successful creations is the JBL Charge, with five models released to date.

Which charger should you use for the JBL charge?

For the first three versions of the JBL charge speaker, you need to use a USB Type-B charger. The latest models require a USB Type-C charger cable.

These chargers do not always come with the speakers, but thankfully there are many options that you can use.

Many speaker manufacturers include a charger with their devices, but JBL does not provide one with their popular Charge range. This can be frustrating for users and may leave you confused about which charger would be best to use with the Bluetooth speaker.

The good news is that there is an abundance of capable chargers that can be used with the various models in the JBL Charge range.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best options, and explore this topic in detail.

Charging Your JBL Charge Speaker

The JBL Charge is a highly successful line of Bluetooth speakers. With every model that has been released, JBL has made significant improvements, which has led to the JBL Charge 4 and Charge 5 being two of the most versatile and reliable wireless speakers available today.

For a relatively compact speaker, the JBL Charge is very powerful.

It projects low frequencies with impressive depth, and the midrange and treble frequencies sound clear and expressive. The speaker is also able to reach surprisingly high volumes.

These qualities require plenty of battery power. Bass frequencies force the speaker to work harder, and this is one of the strongest aspects of the JBL Charge.

Therefore, the speaker must have adequate battery life to perform to the best of its ability.

The JBL Charge 4 and Charge 5 both have a maximum battery life of around 20 hours, which is highly impressive for a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Nevertheless, the battery must be charged regularly to avoid it running flat when you are playing music.

Although some JBL Charge speakers come equipped with a charger cable and plug, this isn’t always the case.

If you don’t have a charger for the speaker, you may be wondering which type you need to get and whether you can use any manufacturer or would be better off spending extra on a JBL-designed charger.

JBL charge speakers require different charger cables depending on the model you own. There have been five different versions released so far, and JBL has changed to a type of cable that is used to charge the speakers during this time.

The good news is, that it isn’t difficult to find the right charger for your JBL speaker, and it doesn’t need to be made by the manufacturer. You may even already have the correct charger cable without realizing it, as they are also commonly used for other devices.

Can You Charge a JBL Speaker With A MacBook Charger?

Earlier models of the JBL Charge speaker use a USB Type-B charger, while newer models like the Charge 4 and Charge 5, use USB Type-C chargers. If you’re a MacBook user, you may have noticed that the charger type for this device will fit the latest JBL speaker models.

It therefore may be tempting to try to charge your JBL speaker using a MacBook Charger. Indeed, the charger will fit into the speaker’s charging port, as both of them have a USB Type-C connector.

Unfortunately, despite both devices using the same connector type, it is not possible to use your MacBook charger with a JBL speaker.

This is because the other end of the MacBook charger also has a USB Type-C connector, and JBL speakers require the other end to have a USB type-A connector.

This is frustrating for JBL customers, as many companies ensure that their speakers can be charged using all of the popular USB cable connectors providing one end is the correct type for the speaker.

JBL may make their speakers compatible with MacBook chargers in the future, but this improvement hasn’t been made as of yet.

You’ll need to get a charger that has a USB Type-A to USB Type-C connector for newer JBL speakers, or a USB Type-A to USB Type-B for older JBL speakers.

What Charger Does a JBL Speaker Use?

JBL produces a vast range of portable speakers. Although they regularly use the same type of chargers, there have been some changes made over the years with the release of more recent models.

The JBL Charge range can be categorized into two eras. Firstly, the original Charge, Charge 2, and Charge 3 speakers all used the same charger. This charger has a USB Type-B connector on one end, with a USB Type-A connector on the plug end.

JBL made significant improvements to the range with the release of their Charge 4 in the summer of 2018. These improvements included better resistance to water, improved bass projection, and better dynamic range.

Additionally, they also changed the charger type from USB Type-B to USB Type-C.

The USB Type-C charger was then used with the JBL Charge 5, the latest edition to the range. This speaker was released in 2021 and featured further improvements to the sound quality and functionality.

Another highly popular range of JBL speakers is the JBL Flip. These speakers are very similar to the JBL Charge but lack a long battery life.

Most of the speakers in the JBL Flip range use USB Type-B chargers, like the early models in the Charge range.

For more information if JBL speakers charge faster using a more powerful charger take a look at this YouTube video.

JBL Charger Options

As JBL’s range of speakers has increased, they have made several changes to the charger and power requirements of their devices.

The technology behind chargers is constantly improving, and therefore manufacturers are tasked with ensuring their devices keep up with the advancements.

Many of the earlier JBL speakers, such as the Clip 3 or the Go 2 use micro USB cables for charging. These were once seen as the best options for portable speakers, but now USB type-C has taken their place.

Many capable chargers can be used with the JBL Charge range.

USB Type-C is now the most commonly used charger type for portable speakers, due to its charging speed, and efficiency. In the future, a new type of cable will likely come along and eclipse USB-C.

In the table below, you can see a list of notable JBL speakers with information on the chargers they use and their power specifications.

SpeakerRelease DateCharger TypeBattery TypeVoltage
Boombox 22020Power AdapterLi-ion polymer 72.6 Wh20V
Charge 42018USB Type CLi-ion 7500mAh rechargeable3.6V
Charge 52021USB Type CLi-ion 7500mAh rechargeable3.6V
Clip 32018micro USBLi-ion 1000mAH rechargeable3.7V
Clip 42020USB Type CLithium-Ion1000mAH Polymer rechargeable5V
Flip 52019USB Type CLi-ion 5200mAh rechargeable3.7V
Go 22019micro USBLithium-Ion 730 mAh Polymer rechargeable3.7V
Go 32020USB Type CLithium-Ion 730 mAh Polymer rechargeable3.7V
Pulse 42019USB Type CLi-ion 7800mAh rechargeable3.7V
Xtreme 22018micro USBLi-ion 10000mAh rechargeable7.4V
Xtreme 32020USB Type CLi-ion 6800mAh rechargeable7.4V

Can You Charge JBL Speakers With a USB Cable?

As you can see from the above table, the majority of JBL speakers can be charged using a variety of USB cables. This may be the micro USB, the USB Type-C, or for older models, the USB Type-B.

JBL’s larger speakers may need to be powered using a power adapter, rather than a USB cable. These speakers are often not rechargeable and must be plugged into the main at all times when they are being used to play audio.

If you need to buy a charger cable for your JBL speaker, it’s important to check the specifications to ensure that you’re getting the right type of connector. If the speaker was made after 2019, you’ll likely need a USB-C cable, but this should be confirmed before you make the purchase.

Related Questions

Is the JBL Charge 5 better than the Flip 6?

The Charge 5 and Flip 6 are two of JBL’s most advanced wireless speakers. Both have their pros and cons, but one of the key differences is that the Charge 5 offers eight hours of additional battery life compared to the Flip 6.

How long does the JBL Charge take to charge?

The latest models of the JBL Charge take around five and a half hours to fully charge. This will provide you with around 20 hours of battery life, which is impressive for a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Why is my JBL speaker blinking red?

When a JBL speaker blinks red, this means that the battery level is getting low. It’s advised that you charge the speaker when this occurs otherwise it may cut out while it is being used.

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