Michael Jackson Curly Hair: Secrets Behind the Iconic Style

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, captivated the world not only with his groundbreaking music and dance moves but also with his ever-evolving, iconic hairstyles. From the early years of his career sporting an afro to his infamous Jheri curls, Jackson’s curly hair became a symbol of his unique style and influence.

As he progressed in his career, Michael’s hairstyles continued to evolve. Various changes, such as wigs and haircuts, added to the impact his appearance had on pop culture. Each hairstyle he donned contributed to defining his persona and becoming a trademark in its own right.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Jackson’s curly hairstyles spanned from the afro to the Jheri curls
  • His evolving hairstyles, such as wigs and haircuts, played a significant role in his image and influence
  • Jackson’s iconic curly hair remains a part of his lasting legacy in music and pop culture

Early Years and Afro Hairstyle

Childhood Hairstyles

During his early years, Michael Jackson was known for his iconic Afro hairstyle. In the 1970s, the Afro was a popular choice for many, as it was a symbol of the Black Power Movement. Michael was seen sporting an Afro during his time in the Jackson 5. At the time, his hair looked thick and healthy, showcasing the natural texture of his curly hair.

As Michael matured, he continued to experiment with various hairstyles. One such style in his youth was a smaller, more controlled Afro. This allowed for a refined look that still paid homage to his natural hair and roots. Throughout his life, Michael Jackson’s hairstyles would change and evolve, but his early years with an Afro hairstyle remain a significant part of his fashion journey.

Transition to Jheri Curls

Michael Jackson Jheri Curl Hairstyle: In the early 1980s, Michael Jackson’s iconic hairstyle transitioned from an afro to a Jheri curl. This new style was popularized during the era and resulted in a more relaxed and curly look for the King of Pop.

The Jheri Curl Process

A Jheri curl was achieved through a two-step chemical process. First, a softener was applied to natural hair, loosening the curls. Then, another solution was used to permanently set the curls, giving the hair a shiny and bouncy appearance. This process transformed straight hair into curly hair.

The Style’s Popularity in the 1980s

The Jheri curl gained significant popularity in the 1980s, particularly among African-Americans. This hairstyle reflected the cultural and aesthetic trends of the time. Michael Jackson’s Jheri curl quickly became a defining aspect of his look, further cementing its place in pop culture history.

The Use of Relaxers and S-Curls

The Jheri curl relied heavily on chemical relaxers to achieve a smooth and curly appearance. This process could lead to hair damage if not done properly or maintained with appropriate care. Some individuals opted for S-curls, a similar treatment that resulted in softer, more natural-looking curls.

Michael Jackson’s Iconic Look

MJ’s Jheri curl hairstyle was characterized by shorter hair on top and a few loose curls falling on his forehead. His hair curled softly away from his face, lending a signature touch to his overall style. With the help of a skilled stylist familiar with African-American hair, fans could emulate this iconic look.

Michael Jackson Super bowl

Iconic Michael Jackson Hairstyles

Michael Jackson’s curly hair has become synonymous with his image. The King of Pop has sported various iconic hairstyles throughout his career, including the legendary Afro, Jheri curls, and short hair.

In his early days, as a member of the Jackson 5, Michael embraced the Afro hairstyle. This style perfectly captured the essence of their era.

As his solo career gained momentum, Jackson moved on to the Jheri curl hairstyle. This was a significant change, making his curls more defined and lustrous, adding to his overall stage presence.

In later years, Michael Jackson began experimenting with short hair. His hair still had a slight curl pattern but took on a more contemporary appearance, fitting the New Jack Swing sound of his “Dangerous” album.

Taking a unique approach, The Line Design marked another iconic look for Michael. This edgy style featured geometric patterns shaved into his already attention-grabbing hair.

In sum, Michael Jackson’s hairstyles played a crucial role in accentuating his image. His curly hair, whether in Afro or Jheri curl form, short or long, always managed to captivate the hearts of fans worldwide.

Wigs and Haircuts

Michael Jackson Haircut

Michael Jackson’s hair was a significant aspect of his iconic image. His natural hair was curly, but he would often straighten it while maintaining some curl for styling. One of the most recognizable Michael Jackson hairstyles was the half-bun curly hair, with a few messy strands falling on his forehead. This style was frequently seen during his stage performances.

When it comes to wigs, there are many Michael Jackson-inspired wigs available for purchase, such as the ones found on Amazon. These wigs mimic his famous curly hair and enable fans to emulate his unique look for events like Halloween or costume parties.

In various phases of his life, Michael Jackson’s hair underwent a considerable evolution. Styling techniques using a large barrel brush to curl the hair at the ends were often employed, even though his real hair was naturally curly. The King of Pop was known for constantly reinventing his image, with his hair playing a critical role in these transformations.

Influence on Music and Dance

Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” was undeniably one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His influence on music and dance has left an indelible mark on the industry.

His album Thriller became a global phenomenon, breaking numerous records and producing unforgettable tracks. Songs like “Billie Jean,” “Thriller,” and “Beat It” have all become iconic in their own right.

In the realm of dance, Jackson’s moves were groundbreaking. He introduced the world to the moonwalk and other innovative choreography, inspiring countless performers who came after him.

These dance moves, such as the smooth, graceful walks, spins, and poses showcased in the “Billie Jean” music video, altered the way people approached dance performances. His mastery of movement was an integral part of his appeal, further solidifying his impact.

Beyond his physical talent, Michael Jackson’s songwriting has also deeply influenced the music world. By infusing pop music with heartfelt messages and intricate melodies, he set a new standard for musical innovation.

Popularity of Line Design and Activator

The Line Design hairstyle was quite popular among young Michael Jackson fans. With his thick, black shoulder-length hair, this edgy style featured a crisp slanted line that made the curls more prominent and mysterious.

Michael Jackson’s Jheri Curl, on the other hand, was an iconic hairstyle that embodied the activator element. He often wet his hair, using water and activator, creating a distinctive wet and stringy look.

Jackson’s hair tended to be fullest at the top, thinning gradually into wispy ends. He appeared to straighten his naturally curly hair for added styling, yet never opted for a stick-straight look.

A notable variant of the Jheri Curl hairstyle was shorter on top, with a loose two or three curls around the forehead. This hairstyle was just one of many that captured the essence of Michael Jackson’s ever-changing and innovative style.

Throughout his career, Michael Jackson’s hairstyles evolved from an Afro to the long Jheri Curl in the 80s. The Line Design and Activator-infused Jheri Curl were both iconic styles that contributed to the legend’s unique and unforgettable legacy.

Celebrity Fans and Imitators

Chris Brown has expressed his admiration for Michael Jackson, often incorporating MJ-inspired dance moves and curly hair in his performances.

Justin Timberlake follows a similar suit with curly hairstyles resembling the King of Pop, further reflecting his influence on younger generations.

Britney Spears too, has looked up to Michael Jackson. She once performed a medley tribute to him, imitating his iconic curly hair and outfits.

Kylie Jenner was seen channeling old Hollywood glamour in a photoshoot, sporting a voluminous curly hairstyle reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s signature look.

Many famous entertainers draw inspiration from Michael’s jheri curl hairstyle, showcasing the timeless impact of his iconic image on the world of fashion and pop culture.

Michael Jackson Ticket

Controversies and Health Issues

Michael Jackson’s iconic curly hair has been associated with both controversies and health issues during his lifetime. He was known to use a texturizer on his hair, which gave it a distinctive curly look.

However, Jackson also faced medical challenges that impacted his overall appearance, including his hair. One significant condition he dealt with was vitiligo, a skin disorder that causes a loss of pigmentation. This led to noticeable changes in his skin tone and may have influenced his hairstyles over the years.

In addition to vitiligo, Michael Jackson underwent several surgeries throughout his life. These procedures often sparked public speculation and discussion, further contributing to the controversies surrounding his image.

Health problems like cardiac arrest ultimately led to Jackson’s untimely passing at the age of 50. Despite these issues, Michael Jackson’s iconic curly hair and unique style remain influential and memorable.

Legacy of Michael Jackson’s Hairstyles

Michael Jackson was known not only for his incredible musical talent and showmanship but also for his iconic hairstyles. A significant part of his appearance, the unforgettable Michael Jackson curly hair, became a staple of his style.

The Jheri curl, a prominent hairstyle worn by Jackson, was introduced by Jheri Redding in the 1980s. This style included glossy, defined curls that were achieved by applying a chemical product followed by a setting lotion, creating a wash and wear look.

In addition to the Jheri curl, Michael Jackson sported other memorable hairstyles such as medium length curls. These curls had a slanted line on top, making them appear more prominent and giving a mysterious aura to his image.

As his career progressed, further hairstyles emerged including waves and the unforgettable Bad era style. Each of these styles added an element of uniqueness to Michael Jackson’s public persona, showcasing his ability to adapt and evolve with the times.

Michael Jackson’s hairstyles continue to inspire fans and leave a lasting impact on the world of pop culture. The King of Pop’s legacy lives on not only through his music but also through the various looks he sported throughout his career, proving that he was truly a style icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Michael Jackson achieve his curly hairstyle?

Michael Jackson achieved his curly hairstyle through a combination of chemical treatments and hairstyling techniques. He regularly used perms and hair-relaxing treatments to create the texture and curl pattern he desired.

Did Michael Jackson have naturally curly hair?

No, Michael Jackson did not have naturally curly hair. He had a naturally coiled, Afro-textured hair. However, he chose to alter his hair texture through various hair treatments and processes to achieve his iconic curly look.

What specific type of curls did Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson had a mix of spiral and loose curls, which varied in style and tightness over the years. These curls were achieved with the help of perms, relaxers, and other hairstyles that created defined curls or waves.

Who was Michael Jackson’s hairstylist?

Michael Jackson worked with various hairstylists throughout his career, but one of his most famous hairstylists was Karen Faye, who had a close working relationship with the pop star for over 25 years.

What hair products did Michael Jackson use?

There isn’t specific information on the exact hair products Michael Jackson used, but it is known that he used hair relaxers, perms, and other styling products to create and maintain his curly hairstyle.

What is the name of Michael Jackson’s iconic hairstyle?

Michael Jackson’s iconic hairstyle didn’t have a specific name. Instead, it was known for being a distinctive feature of his overall look, changing and evolving throughout the years as he experimented with various curly and wavy styles.

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