YouTube Music: Podcasts or No Podcasts? Explained

YouTube Music has enjoyed significant popularity since the app was first introduced in 2015, alongside YouTube Red (now called YouTube Premium). It is available in a free basic version or a more capable paid version.

Does YouTube music have podcasts?

Although there have been reports that Google is planning on making this a reality, there are currently no podcasts included on YouTube Music. The platform does however boast a wide range of music, music videos, and videos of artists’ live performances.

Other major streaming platforms like Spotify or Tidal offer a large selection of podcasts, which may cause some people to prefer them over YouTube Music.

Nevertheless, there are many podcasts included on YouTube’s standard website or app, which is probably why Google, who owns the platform, has chosen to keep YouTube Music exclusively for music and music-related videos.

Does YouTube Music Have Podcasts?

As audio streaming platforms have increased in popularity, many have combined music with other forms of content, such as podcasts or videos. Spotify is perhaps the most notable example of this, being the most popular audio streaming platform.

YouTube Music also offers a diverse range of music and video content, but unlike Spotify, it doesn’t include any podcasts. This may be disappointing to those who would like to enjoy the excellent content that YouTube Music offers, but are also fans of listening to their favorite podcasts.

There have been many rumors recently that Google, the owner of YouTube, is planning on integrating podcasts into the streaming platform in the near future.

This would make sense, as YouTube Music was designed to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, both of which offer podcast content in addition to music.

A likely reason that Google hasn’t yet added podcasts to YouTube Music is that the standard YouTube app or website includes a huge library of podcasts, many of which come with accompanying videos. Therefore, YouTube Music users can simply switch to the standard YouTube app and find a podcast to listen to.

However, users of YouTube Music may feel that it would be more convenient to have all of their audio content in one app so that they can quickly access their favorite music and podcasts without having to switch from YouTube Music to standard YouTube.

Google used to have a podcasting platform, which was discontinued when YouTube Music and YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) were introduced. Although they have yet to directly replace the podcasting platform, it would be very surprising if they didn’t add this form of content to YouTube Music sometime soon.

As of yet, there has been no official statement made by Google on whether podcasts will be added to YouTube Music in the near future – but it looks like there’s a very good chance this will happen sooner rather than later.

Does YouTube Premium Have Podcasts?

YouTube Premium was launched at the same time as YouTube Music, under the name YouTube Red. It is YouTube’s paid subscription service which is focused on videos, rather than music.

As we’ve already established, YouTube Music doesn’t currently include any podcasts. YouTube Premium, on the other hand, does allow users to enjoy all of the podcasts that are uploaded to the popular platform, without being interrupted by ads, and with the option of listening to them in the background when the app is closed.

Although YouTube doesn’t have as many exclusive podcasts as other platforms like Spotify or Luminary, there is still a huge number of podcast episodes uploaded every day. Many of these podcasts are accompanied by videos, but with YouTube Premium, you can simply listen to the audio by hitting play and then minimizing the app.

Of course, it’s possible to listen to podcasts on the standard, free YouTube app or website. However, you’ll be interrupted periodically by ads, which can be particularly annoying in long-form content.

Subscribing to YouTube Premium will allow you to enjoy all of the podcasts that are uploaded to the platform without ads, and you also get access to a wide range of exclusive YouTube originals ad-free.

Overall, the number of podcasts included on YouTube Premium makes the $11.99 monthly subscription worthwhile. This is slightly more expensive than YouTube Music, but it includes membership to that service too, in addition to all of the podcasts and videos on the platform.

Can You Download YouTube Podcasts?

While there are many websites that will allow you to download audio or video from YouTube to only legal way to do this is by subscribing to YouTube Premium and using the “offline playback” feature. 

If YouTube allowed people to simply download podcasts directly from their website or app, this would cause several issues. Firstly, the creator of the podcast would not be credited for the views it gets after being downloaded, and this would also leave them without some revenue from monetization.

Furthermore, the video has been uploaded by the creator in line with YouTube’s terms and conditions, and if it was made downloadable it may then be shared on other platforms that it wasn’t intended to be uploaded to.

With YouTube Premium, it’s possible to download videos so that they can be enjoyed at a later date, even when you run out of data or have no Wi-Fi. This feature is also available on Spotify and Apple Music, both of which allow you to download songs to offline playlists.

To download a podcast using YouTube Premium, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Open the YouTube app on your device
  • Find the podcast/video that you would like to download
  • Locate the “Download” button in the menu below the video title
  • Tap “Download”
  • Choose the video resolution

The video will then begin downloading, and when it is complete, a “view” icon will appear. You can then tap on this icon and it will take you to the YouTube offline download menu, where you can see all of the podcasts or other content that you have downloaded to your device.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download podcasts using the standard YouTube account, but only with the paid YouTube Premium service.

Once you’ve downloaded the video, it will be available to you without the need for an internet connection. This means that you can enjoy podcasts while traveling, or in locations where there is little or no mobile data available.

It’s also possible to download audio when using YouTube Premium or YouTube Music. This can be done in two ways – firstly, you can select the particular track, album, or playlist that you would like to download individually. Alternatively, you can utilize the “smart download” feature.

By activating smart downloads on YouTube Music or YouTube Premium, you give the platform permission to automatically download the songs that you listen to most often so that you can enjoy them offline.

Can YouTube Be a Podcast Host?

Podcast hosts allow podcasters to store all of their episodes and content in one place – essentially creating a home for the podcast. The host generates an RSS feed, which alerts various podcast platforms and directories when a new episode is released.

The podcast host is essentially the bridge that links all of the different platforms that the content is available on together. Some of the most popular podcast hosts include:

  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • iTunes
  • TuneIn
  • Stitcher

YouTube is not a podcast host, but rather a video-sharing platform. Indeed, there are many podcasts uploaded to YouTube, but this doesn’t mean that the platform acts as a host like the aforementioned examples.

Some podcast hosts are free, while others charge varying amounts for their services. It’s definitely using a reliable host with a good reputation from the offset, as this will make it easier in the long run.

Sure, it’s possible to have a successful podcast without using a host, simply by uploading it to all of the relevant platforms individually, but you then miss out on the RSS code which alerts your listeners when you release new content. This could be highly detrimental to growing and maintaining your podcast’s audience.

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How do podcasters make money?

Podcasts generate income in several ways. The most common is through endorsements, advertisements, and sponsors. Additionally, the podcaster may make money through ad revenue or royalties from streaming platforms.

Do you get free movies with YouTube Premium?

In addition to the wide range of videos and original shows included with YouTube Premium, users can also enjoy a selection of full-length movies – with no ad interruptions.

Can you share YouTube Premium?

It is possible to add up to five other members to a YouTube family plan. This allows all of the members of a household to enjoy YouTube Premium, but it costs around $8 more per month than a single-person subscription.

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