The Best Headphones For A Groovy Smule Experience

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Smule is a popular app that allows people with a passion for music to create professional recordings and share them with their friends. One of the dilemmas that Smule users often face is knowing which headphones are best to use with the app.

The best headphones for Smule should allow you to hear the backing track that you are singing along to, as well as the sound of your voice. Both in-ear and over-ear headphones can be used for Smule, providing they are comfortable and produce an accurate sound.

When you use Smule to record, you can hear the sound of your vocals in real-time coming through the headphones.

This is known as monitoring, and it is used by professional singers when recording.

As a result of Smule’s monitoring, you can use headphones that offer noise cancelation to ensure that you can hear the sound of your vocals with the instrumental or other singers while recording.

Do You Need Headphones for Smule?

Although you could technically use Smule without headphones, it is highly recommended that you do use them. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is that without headphones it will be difficult to achieve high-quality vocal recordings.

Smule can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or computer device.

All of these devices have inbuilt speakers which can play audio out loud, as an alternative to using headphones.

This loudspeaker can be useful if you’re watching a video and want to show it to someone, or if you’re in a voice call and want to place your device down while you chat. However, for Smule, using the loudspeaker on your device is not so effective.

Smule works by allowing you to record vocals over instrumentals and other people’s vocal tracks. Using headphones to do this will ensure the maximum sound quality and clarity of the recordings because it will reduce the amount of background noise that enters the microphone.

This is illustrated by the following example – when a professional singer goes into a vocal booth to record, they always wear headphones.

Why is this?

Simply because it prevents the sounds from the music from entering the microphone while they record so that their voice can be heard more clearly.

When you use Smule, you’re essentially doing the same thing, but in most cases rather than using a condenser vocal mic, you’re using the inbuilt microphone of your smartphone or computer. The need to reduce background sounds remains the same, though.

Wearing headphones while recording on Smule will also allow you to hear your singing voice more clearly.

It will be very difficult to hear the backing track and your voice if you are using the onboard speaker of your phone, and you’ll also be contending with all of the sounds going on around you.

So not only does wearing headphones make your recordings sound better on Smule, but it also makes it easier to sing in tune and pay attention to the details of your singing voice.

Having your voice played back through the headphones in real-time is one of the best aspects of Smule, and it’s a key reason that the platform includes so many great recordings and musical content!

Check out this YouTube video that shows how to set Smule up with a condenser microphone.

Can I Use Smule with Bluetooth Headphones?

In most professional recording studios, singers wear wired headphones. However, Smule is a platform that is designed for convenience and mobility, so you might be wondering whether you can use wireless Bluetooth headphones to avoid the nuisance of cables.

As long as your phone, tablet, or computer is compatible with Bluetooth, which all modern devices are, then yes, you can use Bluetooth headphones with Smule.

All you’ll need to do is connect the headphones to the device you use Smule on, and the app will automatically play audio through them.

One of the main advantages of using Bluetooth headphones rather than relying on wired headphones is that it allows you to move around more. When you use cables, you are confined to being within a short distance of the phone, which may compromise your posture or comfort when recording vocals.

With Bluetooth headphones, you can mount your phone on a stand or place it on a surface so that it mimics the way a real vocal microphone is set up. This will allow you to ensure that you can stand or sit up straight and engage your diaphragm properly for singing.

Any experienced singer knows the importance of proper posture when it comes to maximizing their vocal range, controlling their breath, and ensuring that they pronounce words properly. Bluetooth headphones are a great tool to use with Smule if you want to achieve these things.

You can use over-ear Bluetooth headphones like the Beats Studio3, which offer noise cancellation so that you can focus on the sound of the backing track and your vocals.

Alternatively, you could use wireless earbuds like the AirPods Pro, which are more practically sized for transportation and still deliver great sound quality and isolation.

Are Gaming Headphones Good for Smule?

Gaming headphones can be purchased in two varieties – with a microphone, or without a microphone. If you choose the former option, then you could benefit from using the microphone with Smule.

Gaming headphones are often very comfortable as they are designed to be worn for long periods. Therefore, they are a good choice for Smule users who want to use the platform regularly to create musical and video content.

When you use gaming headphones for Smule, the microphone is attached to the bottom of the headset and is positioned directly in front of your mouth. You can see this design on headphones like the popular HyperX Cloud II.

This design means that you can move around freely while using Smule, without needing to be close to your phone or computer. The onboard microphone and speakers will be disabled, and the gaming headset will take care of playback and recording so that your phone can be placed anywhere within the Bluetooth operating distance.

Gaming headphones usually produce decent sound quality, and they’re designed specifically for transmitting speech through onboard microphones. This makes them a strong choice for Smule users, as they will highlight the natural frequencies produced by your voice.

So on the whole, gaming headphones can be a very good choice for Smule users. You can use them to record and monitor your singing, in addition to listening to the backing tracks.

Does Smule Work with AirPods?

AirPods are arguably the most popular variety of wireless earbuds on the market – and for good reason. These Apple devices have taken the world by storm thanks to their innovative features, clear sound quality, and stylish design – but can they be used with Smule?

The answer to this question is yes – AirPods are ideal for Smule users who are looking for an alternative to using over-ear headphones. They have the potential to work even more effectively with Smule than many over-ear options.

The effectiveness of using AirPods with Smule is dependent on the specific models of AirPods that is in question. AirPods Pro and 3rd Generation AirPods are the most effective models for Smule users, in that order.

Other AirPods models, like the 2nd Generation or originals, aren’t going to be quite as effective when used with Smule because they lack many of the advanced features that are especially useful to people who are using Smule on Apple devices.

AirPods Pro has two key features that can make them excellent for Smule – Active Noise Cancellation, and Adaptive EQ. The former will allow you to block out sounds from outside the earbuds, and in turn, help you to focus more clearly on the audio from Smule.

Adaptive EQ is also useful for Smule because it makes the music sound more appealing depending on the prominent frequencies and the settings that you choose. The better the overall sound is, the better your vocals are likely to sound.

This table shows the key differences between the various models of AirPods.

AirPods ModelActive Noise CancellationAdaptive EQSpatial Audio
2nd GenerationNoNoNo
3rd GenerationNoNoNo
AirPods ProYesYesYes
AirPods MaxYesYesYes

Related Questions

How can I get a better sound quality on Smule?

There are several ways to get a better sound quality when using Smule. Firstly, you can make sure you’re using a good set of headphones, and also it’s worth experimenting with the different effects within the app.

Does Smule change your voice?

Smule doesn’t change your voice apart from adding a little compression to even out the dynamics. The sound will be largely affected by the microphone you sing into. 

Does Smule have auto-tune?

Smule has some pitch correcting capabilities that allow you to add an auto-tune style effect to your recordings. You can choose whether or not the auto-tune effet is applied after you record your vocal tracks.

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