The scoreAhit Web App

If you'd like to score your own songs, now there is also the scoreAhit web app!

While we took great care in our research and in creating this app, keep in mind it achieves far from perfect accuracy, and we don't guarantee it doesn't contain any bugs, so use it for fun only! If you choose to gamble your money on this, then that's your responsibility (read our terms of use below). Also note that the hit potential equation is the current one. So if you're scoring old songs you'd be estimating their hit potential today, not at the time they were released.

You'll need to register first, because we limit the number of queries you can submit per day (sorry, this is a free app so there must be limits!). You can unsubscribe at any time. After registering, you'll be emailed your own private url to the app for you to use. You can score many existing songs by title and band name, or you can score any of your own songs as long as you first put them somewhere online e.g. using dropbox (see here for a how-to).

To help us improve the App, please email any feedback or bug reports specific to the App to Greatly appreciated!
Any other feedback or requests relating to scoreAhit should be sent to